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What is this WikiNode thing

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I read about the concept of WikiNodes today (thx Mark), I created two new Wikinode pages in other wikis. One needs to wait to see what the local communities think about the idea.

Important in this concept is (asked for permission to copy chat):
<me> ok, first I thought it is just some kind of about page
<me> but its main goal is actually to find also other places in the big internet
<me> am I correct?
<MarkDilley> its main goal is to show what wiki communities are related
<MarkDilley> so if there is not an organic connection - theoretically it shouldn't be on the node
<MarkDilley> it is not just a hey these wikis are related because of content
<MarkDilley>The first step is introduction to neighbors

Though I created a WikiNode here, I think it does not fit - yet - in the neighbours list for following reasons:

  • it is just atm a PLE for me
  • not much activity besides me :-)


  • Thinking about this concept lead me to think about why I started this wiki. Looking back ...
  • I hope this concept helps the other wikis

2011-03-21 update: see also wiki-net, context