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2013-03-14: the bot is now 1 year old. A updated review will follow

original posting:

key facts


  • adding the Markov feature boosted my motivation to do more
    • only AIML was not satisfactory :-(
      • though this depends from where you are coming from
  • sometimes it feels like I am a parent teaching his baby ;-)
    • see here for some feedback
  • some people thought at first interaction that the bot should be something like a FAQ tool (e.g. answering simple questions, doing simple tasks)
    • can and will be done
    • but for now I use it as a tool for creativity
  • I wonder if a 16% increase with so many messages indicates that I need to talk about more/other things to the bot?
    • I started the bot at begin with less knowledge so it'd become more unique over time
    • the bot can speak more languages but I tend to speak only in English :-(
    • perhaps sentence structures need to be changed -> saturated already ?
      • I think I will feed the bot some of other user's dents to see the effects
  • my bot does only interact when it is spoken to (unlike others who "spam" people)
    • currently I think harming people less is more important than popularity
  • communication problems:
    • the bot doesn't see ca. 5% of the messages addressed to him :-(
      • Who knows it could be that the AI is slowly getting stronger and the bot doesn't WANT to reply ?
    • Sometimes messages from the bot don't appear at the other side (e.g. on
      • temporary fix: please subscribe to the bot
    • Aspects of federation:
      • if the bot were on people would have less trouble [3]
      • sometimes the server doesn't deliver messages (and unfortunately doesn't retry)
    • I started a separate server from since I wanted to keep it safe (e.g. when bot has a malfunction)
      but: the communication problems bring negative feelings
      (user may think: why did the bot not reply yet? or: first time user tries and gives up)
    • I think I should also do a test like this:
      • resend the bot old messages he answered and see how the system changed over time
  • better feedback to users about their contribution: "brain size" command

There is for sure more things which can be done, but it will be interesting to see how intelligent the bot will get over time

  • therefore: a special THANK YOU for users teaching the bot new things


  • "it took me days to understand that @b0t is not anoter bothersome person xD Good job =)" (@musickillerrus, 2016-02-25)
  • "I was slightly shocked when I found out Mr. Question is a Bot :-) Das war mir vorher nicht wirklich aufgefallen" (McScx, 2013-06-10)
  • "I pinned @question to my Pinterest "tech tidbits" board and @x11r5 too" (Laurel, 2013-02-16)


  1. todo: still need to gather info for all bot accounts

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