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In previous times I praised learning e.g. like:

I guess the view of what the mission of Wikiversity should be is just different. WV is e.g. about learning (communities). And here everybody has a different view/definition what "learning" is. Some have a broader definition, some less broad. Regarding which definition/view one has, you must understand people here at Wikiversity. E.g. learning for some means a mental change and that then can mean: things that help to create a mental change are ok. When seeing wikis not as static but dynamic and knowing/believing in the revertability of edits the learning experience increases. I see WV as a place where people can learn personally in their development - every action one does influences one's life, the view on things. This "learning" certainly takes also place at other places but e.g. since the other Wikimedia projects have a limited scope - e.g. WP creates mainly encyclopedia articles, WB creates wikibooks - they perhaps are not always suitable for all aspects of learning. I also believe that when WV has produced "products" that these should be exported to other Wikimedia projects - when they fit the policies there. People create the products. I want primarily people to interact here, if then they during that create products: perfect. But hey, that is just my view and WV has many participants and they see WV surely different.
(Erkan Yilmaz. (2008, August 16). In Wikiversity. Retrieved 22:59, March 15, 2009, from Wikiversity, licence: GFDL)

The following will surely not be a final list at this late hour, but let me summarize how I want to use or have used this wiki so far for "learning":

PLE: create my personal learning space

  • category:PLE
  • my PLE diary at Wikiversity
    • 2011-10-26: see my review of it in October 2011 here
  • in the last days I didn't achieve this goal, because of setting up the wiki and exploring things related to it
  • mind plays a big role, so change some things (e.g. sidebar, make blog as main page of wiki), so I concentrate on the blog/PLE, otherwise the old habbit of wiki comes back :-)
  • using data to make statistics (example), graphs: to see what ? the learning curve ? using as motivation to keep going ?
  • Help:Draw: create drawings, sketches, ...

set up blogging

(see my motivation here)

  • 2011-10-26: blogging works great, I can recommend this to anyone

translate blog posts

...into German (or other languages) as done in the past ([1])

  • wondering if I should just import the old blog posts to here ? advantage: I would read them again. Surely would laugh at some old posts :-) Who knows I could create new versions of old blog posts ? new ideas ?
  • 2011-10-26: see also Translate to think more (TTM) from March 2007

experience with setting up a wiki

  • using a wiki as user, admin, ... is ok, but just one aspect. One can now understand better why some things are as they are (technology, the strictness of some contributors, ...).
  • 2011-10-26: positive experience with this, see blog post frequency (2007-2011)

contributing to open source projects

...e.g. Help:Wikilog

Help:Semantic Mediawiki

  • 2011-10-26: somehow I still perceive this as too much effort, but see also: August 2011

more thoughts about licences and Standing on the shoulders of giants

  • ...


see also