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the bot is buggy

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"Give me my name and phone number and I'll have someone call you."
This could be interpreted for example as:
  • IF situation xyz THEN I'll have someone call you
    • e.g. xyz could be interpreted as: when you've my details it could mean: I know you. Then you deserve to be called back, since you're important
  • Give me your name ...
    • (This here is what most people expect though)

Well, I don't fix this and other "bugs" on purpose
I find @question's replies funny (most of the time)
(unfortunately) most of the people expect always a bot which simulates humans more[1]

I like more the irrational kind of bot
where I need to think: "How can the situation become true?"
or... how one can combine the few inputs to tell a story (see e.g. Nanowrimo)
(and I'm also not writing above explanation because I have then less work)


  1. Don't misunderstand: it's technically very easy to achieve that by feeding the bot many different kind of books. This also can be done fast. But: I don't want/need that.

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