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Bots/commands for question oracle

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Besides the normal conversations with the bot @question, you can also issue below commands.


If you have more wishes, feel free to contact me.

more info about the bot

  • besides the fun and thinking help, you can see here more about why the bot was born
  • bot statistics
  • can communicate in: English, French, German, Portuguese/Brazilian + Spanish
  • At the end of the dents/messages you'll see - randomly selected - such info:
    • remaining time until events
    • music info
    • bot stats
    • ...

list of commands

You have to either subscribe to the bot or send him the message via @user@domain, see here.

command example result comment
switch bot mode the bot changes its reply mode (this is a user specific setting)

e.g. from: normal mode (sane answers)
to: extended mode (Markov chains aka José Saramago)

(this mode has advantages like:
- better access to things you taught him
- perhaps more funny ;-))

the extended mode is still in its start phase,
report bugs, so I can adapt it
suggest user example,
user feedback: "that recommendation worked. nice one. Ways to improve finding users across the federated web are good" recommends friendica, AND federated GNU social/StatusNet users

- it's based on your current interests
- I did not exclude your followers or persons you are following,
since I find that devoting specific moments for them is good
-soon comes also: add other systems (diaspora ...), language based, location based, ...

if you don't get a result:
no worries, with your msg to the bot
you'll get added and soon you'll
appear for others + also be found

if you find a bug, tell me please
recommend song

suggest song

example each new user gets a random song only
(since the bot doesn't know taste yet)
If its clear later on:
some genre filter will be added [1]
say say Welcome to the !fediverse, @erkan the bot will tell:

Welcome to the !fediverse, @erkan
bot repeats what you tell him
(internal name: parrot)
time machine example1
old dent of a random user/server old dents/messages get so less attention,
see also When was your last review? (2011 Dec)
review example a link to an old conversation of the bot I hope this will gather more feedback so I can improve the bot,
background info
brain size example this will show you the increase of the bot's brain
since you last asked for this statistic
hugging time example share and get some love/hugs :-)
Do you miss someone example will randomly list
one of the fans of the bot
my last tracks example support for:,
if you need other stats: tell me
(implementing new stats is easy)
currently: will redirect to one of the 4 commands below, as you wish
librefm example info about your account
(NOT anonymized)
librefm10 example lists last 10 tracks,
lastfm see both commands general statistics about your
(NOT anonym)
lastfm10 shows your last 10 tracks on
name not decided yet
What did the bot learn from you


Share your views please:

  • formating, other command names/output:
    • e.g. instead librefm10 could be used: my librefm top10 tracks
      • well, I thought, let's keep it short, but can be adapted to user wishes
    • different output (more stylish?)
  • I am not sure if I should do the music commands more open:
    • e.g. librefm10 username
      • not sure if people would use it, I am a guy who cares for privacy
      • for now: This needs setting up, since I don't know your account yet. You can tell me your account(s) also in private.
      • if people want their account publically known, they can use commands: librefm OR lastfm
  • music stats:
    • it's easy to set up more stats like:
      • my top5 tracks in last week or so
      • ...
  • ...

see also