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I'll update this from time to time, but I think you might get an idea where my interests are...



  • Ludwig von Bertalanffy: "Robots, Men and Minds", 1970, 246 pages [6]
  • Donella Meadows: Thinking in Systems - A Primer. 2008, 218 pages [7]
  • Douglas A. Hall: The Cat and the Toaster: Living System Ministry in a Technological Age, 2009, 366 pages
  • Michael C. Jackson: Systems Thinking - Creative Holism for Managers, 2003, 376 pages
  • ? Linda Booth Sweeney: When a Butterfly Sneezes: A Guide for Helping Kids Explore Interconnections in Our World Through Favorite Stories (Systems Thinking for Kids, Big and Small, Vol 1), 2001, 128 pages
  • Alan Watts: Tao, the watercourse way [8]
  • Blog:Observations/I want to excel in testing - so I do not read classic software testing books anymore

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