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My book

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"After long nights and some nose bleeding, I realized, this had to stop..."
Erkan Yılmaz, on 4th page of the book...
(note: I guarantee: no drop made this piece of work dirty.
In case you find any, I'll make sure you get your money back...
I promise, scout's honor!)

"My book" is the long-awaited book by Erkan Yılmaz
covering personal thoughts about topics like:

  • life, music, more personal things, his preferred personal learning environment (PLE), periodical summaries, ...

Key facts

  • Mr. Yılmaz has been writing on this piece of work since 2007
  • it has: 6,697 pages (3,164 images, ...)
  • and has already >3.7 mio views (2015 March)

Where should I start reading?

Your reading experience can vary depending on the path you take:

Read also more about the mission.


  • You can find additional thoughts, erratum here

Where can I buy it?

Current talks with publishers (for a 120k stock printing) are not finished. Until things get clear:

  • you do not need to pay for it, when you read it online here
  • offline version: you'll get a download link after your order
  • contact me to get on the waiting list

Which restrictions are there about the licence/copyright ?

  • see copyright
    • if you want to use it for commercial purposes:
      • please drop me a message so I can waive the licence depending on your situation
  • this is a collaborative effort
    • 97 authors reviewed/contributed ideas
    • you can add your review also, e.g. here or at any other page you like
    • here you can see active contributors

Why don't you use a better book name ?

This book is not yet finished (creative work in progress).
My marketing manager says to leave out the title so the competition won't release a similar title.
Ignore him please, my reason is: to keep your excitement and imagination alive until it's decided...

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