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The project was about: learning was an initiative by likeminded people to approach the learning topic differently [1]. In 2011 Nov. the wiki had 71 users.

OMG - all wiki content is lost

Unfortunately most of the wiki content (e.g. my blog there) is lost :-( [2][3]

I'll try to rescue some of its pages (see category:
some starting points are:

  • copyright: the licence for the text from NetKnowledge is: CC-BY-SA

well, partly lost, but...

BUT: keep in mind...

  • it's an old state, not the current one:
    • most pages don't reflect all the learning process we went through back then :-(
    • same applies for the view stats I list on every page
    • I fear now after importing ca. 90 pages that people who look at it might think it was an amateurish thing, but remember: you see pages only from cache from its beginning of NetKnowledge :-(
  • the red links probably exist somewhere (if you have a copy, please tell me)
  • I can only restore the page, not the exact contributors
  • Search recommended:
    • I didn't yet put links everywhere, so: if you're interested in a topic, just search in this wiki for it to see all contexts

history of NetKnowledge

  • the wiki was set up in: 2010 April + unfortunately was deleted in early 2012 (a spammer hacked in there + mass spammed so the provider deleted it)
  • see Town Hall
  • twitter activity
  • ...


see also


  1. wikiversity: Rebooting Wikiversity
  2. though Moulton speaks here of indexed pages, I can't find any now :-( Google seems then to delete also pages from its cache?
  3. An incomplete copy is available here from: May 2011 or earlier