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These are some pages which contain data in tables.
An up-to-date list is available here: category:Pages with tables.

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2011 Aug 11
category comment
Music I like/Erkan Yilmaz 10717 music
Template:Music I like/Erkan Yilmaz/ backup part1 1032 music part 1: 112 - Jiayangji
Template:Music I like/Erkan Yilmaz/ backup part2 1315 music part 2: Jill - TABLO
Template:Music I like/Erkan Yilmaz/ backup part3 212 music part 3: Tacit Blessing - 龙宽九段
do you know BoA ? 722 blog, music
Some data 1858 music
OS 2406 OS
Research on OS 669 OS figures 3822
Experiences with 6844
Figures about test effort costs 1213
Questioning 1770
PR 1700
Popular pages for this MediaWiki installation 52 wiki
MediaWiki statistics 1068 wiki
Links to other sites 460 wiki
Information about domain 290 wiki
Data 1106 wiki
Wikilog download counts 4 wiki
Part 2: What can motivate to give away "own" stuff - more willingly ? 1238 blog, wiki
WikiNode 2059 wiki
Blog:Observations/which software do I use intentionally when being around in this wiki ? 509 blog, wiki
Pages with galleries 21 wiki
Search engine results 1 wiki
Blog:Observations/blog post frequency (2007-2011) 1 blog, wiki
Parabola OS
Blog:Observations/Google translator blog, Google, Language
total views in this wiki 370236


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