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week 42

  • Cleaned up the My research helpers pages and some stats pages (since 2016 nears its end). The wiki has now in total >9.7 mio views since its begin >7.5 years ago.

week 8

  • using the wiki more again
    • I self-hosted the wiki around mid September
      • see 2015, week 38 below
      • but didn't run it locally anymore, since the local device was not that powerful :-(
    • reason to use it non-locally again:


week 38

  • While making the oracle users aware that they should back up,
    thinking about the time when I get off the web, and ultimately self-hosting everything:
    • find a tool to self-host the wiki, e.g.
      • ipfs (has also interface so normal web user can access the content)
      • morphis (in python, but something like above interface?)
    • and then convert the mediawiki to a flat file wiki system
      • e.g. dokuwiki ?
      • or leave it with MW, but do a very lightweight MW install

week 27

  • Ways to reduce data size in MediaWiki? see e.g. [1]
    • using templates
      • could increase load when the pages (using the template) are called often, than e.g. static content
    • compression for database
      • not sure if I should do that, considering right now it's not compressed. I remember reading something problematic when turning to compression
        • todo: read more
    • deleting revisions
      • probably I'll do this than the above 2 methods

week 12

6th wiki birthday:

change entry point for wiki:

  • it's now WikiNode (not the blog anymore)
    • some reasons for this change:
      • from time to time the blog extension seems to not load everything correctly and displays a broken page layout :-(
        • the WikiNode page is in that regards a more "static" page and should load fine
      • people are now driven directly to the wiki's mission
  • see also: Help:Admin tasks

week 8

week 7

  • made some changes for Chess
    • it seems game #10 will be long, right now it's the most moves amount: >180 moves

week 5

week 3

  • visualizing:
  • comparing bandcamp with
      • in total I had faster upload there, because I could drag + drop all
        • bandcamp also offers this, I think, but I didn't try, because the audio formats I had were not supported :-(
      • see the spectogram comment above
    • bandcamp's layout looked much better than's


week 52

  • interesting usage of language:
in some cases here I didn't have the time to think long about a title,
so I just used another language as coding mechanism
  • I wanted to see if my wiki usage has increased since creating the page: Archive 5 months ago
of peaking into
learning status
(some call them users)
all learning resources
(some call them
total pages
learning resources
(some call them articles)
learning resources
(some call them files)
more visible learners who
should help other learners
steps in learning
(some call them total edits)
total views medium info which enables learning
(aka: software version
of Mediawiki)
(tar.gz, in MB)
HD files
(tar.gz, in MB)
total DB records comment
2014-Jul-24, 01:10 (UTC) 52 2,640 1,728 425 1 12,559 2,647,913 1.19.17 blog: 24.4% views
2014-Dec-28, 16:03 (UTC) 68 3,549 1,884 533 1 42,325 3,115,653 1.23.8 blog: 21.5% views
(from: MediaWiki statistics)

week 46

  • the work on this seems to have awoken interest in wiki tasks again for me.
Today done lots of fixes on various other pages
mostly found via the Special:Random page

week 37

  • driving to airport (at hell of morning) makes me think: how pitiful it must be driving all time, most of your life

week 35

week 34

week 33

  • I just noticed that since doing work for the Archive (I think 1.5 months now) I have been distracted with other things (e.g. My little friends)
  • added Microformats2 support for Mediawiki via templates

week 32

  • re-started Conway's Game of Life, now user: Life automatically contributes to this
  • It was good that R was brought to life
    • helps me think about some old articles
      • the "random page" function from MW itself isn't that random :-(
  • more randomness: see the simulation: Talk:Ping pong
    • we'll find out more about this: LLN claims the total games will even out
  • Painter inserts "wonderful" art pieces into this mostly-text-wiki, see Special images

week 31

  • enough listening material created: Neighbour connections
  • DSMW investigation done, had a coffee and will now look into if I should upgrade this MW
MW 1.23.x running <- which means official support until May 2017
(MW 1.19.x was lasting until 2015 May)
version 2.0.0 is out
some more things to be done, but later then
  • I'm glad I had the core of @question made separate, makes it much easier to make its interconnection to the wiki
    • had a look also at the Scribunto extension, Lua for scripting
  • In my mind crystallizes slowly that this page ("Some thoughts") here will be a replacement for my quick thoughts
    • something I used the µ-blogging for
    • the distinction becomes more clear when I see the two links in the sidebar
      • Some thoughts <- faster than below
      • Trial and error <- in my mind come thoughts like: slow, not much
  • After adding also the Pastebin to the sidebar, I notice I have now 2 places for the same thing
    • see the sandbox
      • which I rarely used, tbh
        • otoh, I didn't use pastebin much either ;-)

week 30

  • 23 July:
1 year ago I was editing here pages about statusnet / gnu social:
list of federated Statusnet groups
Statusnet clients
  • 26 July:
good BBQ today
nice time with baby

week 29

  • "Your Guard ... ($...) is failing more circuits than usual. Most likely this means the Tor network is overloaded. Success counts are 153/246. Use counts are 27/105. 241 circuits completed, 88 were unusable, 0 collapsed, and 12 timed out. For reference, your timeout cutoff is 60 seconds."


week 15

  • talking before about radiation, Fukushima, ... and how it will influence us and ...
<user> Who knows? China conquers Europe and America, and everyone is forced to learn to write Chinese.
<me> hm, I guess not
<me> it was long time clear that China, India and so have huge population growth
<me> the Western countries have put measures already in place, I am sure


week 51

Met a person who talked to me in English first (he wanted to go to that bank). I know other foreigners who also do transactions with that bank, have never heard of other banks
  • as always: one gets more details over time
During our talk he asked me if I am of Turkish origin and he told he's a Uyghur. We talked a little in Turkish but it was not enough for his questions. Anyways I told him to use his mobile to search for other branch offices. I wondered why he didn't do that in the first place ? I remember I was wondering if it is because of unfamiliar territory and one's normal thoughts change because of this. Later he told his 3G doesn't work that good there.

week 48

1.feelings change over time:

  • looking at this postcard again doesn't create same feelings anymore
  • and yes, it's no wonder that change happens

the bird view of the postcard reminded me of this

2. I remember that I wondered here if he realized I meant this

week 46

pope - peace on planet earth

week 40

  • Illegal abduction
    • user: I want to know when an abduction is legal. :P
    • <me> it's legal until court says it's illegal ;-)
  • It has to be ...
    • (in the sense of What MUST one really do?)
      • the web page must load in < x seconds
        • come on, there is so much one can do while it opens in background, ...
        • if your life depends on the info of one site, kill yourself
      • it must be top design
        • I wonder what is more important? shiny things or content
          • ask some native American Indians who sold their lands for glas pearls
      • it must be ...
        • fill the dots with what you like

week 26

  • yesterday thinking: How great it'd be to read in a relaxing position (e.g. couch)

week 25

post to me in the future:

so, 1. is a normal thing everyone does


one of the services I get my #info (s1) is less interesting than another service (s2)
which leads to also less #activity on s1 from my side
this will over time lead probably to elimination of s1


though "strangely" many use s1 - probably for a reason which does not overlap with mine

3. so, how is the danger of not recognizing when s1 gets "good" again?

  • ok, could be done via calendar reminders periodically + such, but still too much info anyways nowadays
  • when do people not try anymore after using sample measurements? 1 time, 2 times, more ?

week 24

  • cheap airlines: as far as I remember me + my environment were mostly positive towards this + not wondering what effects that actually brings (in direction of: when someone is offering something cheap/free probably there is more to that story (to come)). Example how feelings can steer you not to think about some things

week 23

week 21

  • yesterday was a little... you know what I mean, or?

week 18

  • todays wiki edits triggered by darkcode?
    • a chat over 1 day involving haikus + editis
  • just looked up the background info about International Workers' Day
    • since I mentioned: "if I remember correctly in Germany Hitlers governmental administration introduced the 1st May as worker's day"
    • seems my brain still remembers a few things from my history advanced course
    • and I thought... how easy it is to manipulate people: just some specific editing on Wikipedia and people "believe" it (without checking other sources)
      • keep in mind I am pro wikis
  • started reading the tale of genji again, after a break of 2 weeks
    • I guess it deserves more time than I actually devote to it :-(

week 17

unhealthy food and civilized techniques by some people:

  • choco cake: the need for a plate (instead eating out of the package
  • pizza: cutting half of the pizza into 4 pieces (instead 2)

week 16

  • using the mouse too long: will increase likelihood not to notice that the keyboard cable is not plugged in anymore
  • the present from Michael 15 years ago, comes quite handy

week 11

stories which indicate you have a certain age ;-)

<me> you know things got bad when universities provide students with windows systems
<me> instead of a terminal
<me> back then, we just could communicate with terminals
<me> you were forced to survive or not :-)
<me> yeah + the possibility of sniffing bleach
<me> ... but had at home a black + white equipment
<me> I don't remember what camera I had
<me> one day I might tell you when I pack it out again
<me> I wonder what film material costs these days?
<me> I guess it's not cheaper

week 10

user complaining about getting requests by his friends to join other services...
doesn't know if he should register...
<me> the answer is based on emotions
<me> how deep do you want to hurt 'em ?
<me> you can just make an account and be a sleeper
<user> I don't do that.
<me> on the other hand: same question can also be asked of them:
<me> how deep do they want to hurt you ?
<me> since it costs time to create accounts
<user> LOLOL
<me> both parties should first be clear about this fundamental question

week 8

  • <userSTN> what's everyone up to today? :O
<me> satanistic rituals involving first borns
<me> summons <userSTN> from the deep cave
<me> and it's not like what you all now think
<me> it's not that the 1st borns are sacrificed or a like
<me> it's like always: 1st borns have more rights, they sacrifice the non-1st borns

week 7

  • I wonder if the music may have an influence? ;-)

00:11 <me> DOC! help me
00:11 <me> I had a relapse
00:11 * me listening 2pac radio on
00:11 <me> someone rescue me, before it's too late

in another chat room:
00:26 <user1> why am i a hacker
00:39 <me> you shall NOT hack
00:39 <me> leave the dead body intact
00:40 <user1> lol

week 2

I.S.E's are not always good ;-)

week 1

Why do birds fly forward and don't e.g.

  • fly backwards (though some may claim it (probably?) won't be possible)?
  • dive for 4 weeks in the ocean? (note: it must be 4 and not 3)
  • ...

...perhaps related to: Do you want accidents to appear? (Act II)


week 52

  • "sweet mocking mouth": interesting discussion about these 3 words from Peter + Wendy.
    I had to take my German book to retranslate and I think he is buying a book in his native language :-)
  • a woman (with sexy voice) sighing into my ears
  • Shaman hearing Alden Kimball's info about his deeds to Makwa-ikwa while he is ill.
reading Noah Gordon's Shaman was fun again. I started it a few weeks ago, but Alden's statement was the thing I found I should summarize this time. Let's see what it will be at the next reading...
Too bad I lost my The Physician (Medicus) somewhere, would also be fun rereading
He makes me always smile (at least at the begin of his books)

백지영 / Baek Ji Young's song The Woman 그여자 was one of the songs where I searched for lyrics and sang along

I wonder if she'll have the same fate in my music habbits as Beat of Angel (BoA) ?
Anyways: listened that song 96 times, first on 22 Jun 2011 + the man 그남자 111 times (also 22 Jun 2011 the first time)

week 51

buddy: I'd like such a beard too. How did you do that?
me: Nothing, really nothing (+ adding later: the genes, my parents achieved that for me)

see also: 2 thoughts from 20 mins ago...