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Finished 23% translating this into Portunol (aka Brazilian Spanish). R (1417518136)

I saw how User:Heschaef just printed 18% of this and burnt it... R (1425495731)

This is now currently in the top4 reading list of User:Fedosin. R (1456903343)

I, just right now, printed 28% of this and am going to burn this... R (1457323839)

User:Khairdean is associating this 48% with Radiation. R (1464953965)

I've finished reading 15% of this page, too. And now it's time to think about it. R (1472462200)

I don't currently like 32% of this. R (1479842485)

Congrats, User:Platzm is reading this for the 12th time. R (1482191843)

User:Julia Kasser is recommending reading this today. R (1489982088)