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Selected reviews about my book.

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Thank you, Erkan Yılmaz
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2011-10-25, my announcement at Wikiversity

2011-10-26, by D.

This is the best I have ever heard from author Erkan Yilmaz,
notwithstanding that it is the only book by Erkan Yilmaz I have ever read or that it is the only book Erkan Yilmaz has ever written

2012-11-24, by i.:

<me> or perhaps it did, I will mention in my memoires
<user> Do you expect me to read that? ;-)
<me> YES, I've already 1.5k pages: My book
<user> Your book is tooooooo long! ;-)
<me> it is not even 1% since I want to live until I am 101 years old

2012-12-24, by M.:

Our bot constructor is an MMA fighter and a chess champion. Besides writing books!

Thumbs up for 76% of this. R (1423551690)

User:Syum90 just shouted: 9 stars for this. R (1464528697)

Let's make a reading group (with User:Lisakip and >6 people) about the topic of this. R (1470563151)