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What is this wiki about?

I use this wiki[1] as a learning tool (Personal Learning Environment (PLE)).

When I started this wiki[2]: question to myself: so, where's the learning ?

starting points

not much time?

look at tables/summaries, e.g.

yes, I have more time to dive in

for content:

How can you participate?

What's the topical boundary of this wiki?

It's all about learning here...

Which wikis are considered "neighbors" to this wiki?

wiki WikiNode page feed
Wikiversity (WV)
(+ sister projects)
Wikiversity:WikiNode e.g. recent changes of English WV group (info),
twitter (info)
NetKnowledge (NK) NetKnowledge:WikiNode - twitter
- unfortunately this wiki does not exist anymore,
all its content is lost :-(
- my efforts to restore it are documented here
SystemsWiki RSS twitter
Wikademia RSS twitter
contributions in this wiki here
(see some wiki statistics on above wikis)

... and why?

What's the relationship between this wiki, and its neighbors?

Well, I was active first at WV, where I got deeper thoughts about wikis, communities and learning.
NetKnowledge was (somehow) a fork attempt? One will see where it goes or does not go.
Participation in SystemsWiki was preceded

by activities in Wikipedia:WikiProject Systems which were preceded
by other activities (see Trial and error#Do you see the systems ?).
And these activities were preceded by other activities and so on - grins ;-) (which came first, the chicken or the egg?)


  1. and my other projects hosted here, [1]
  2. in 2009 March
  3. in 2014 July

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